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Ylab为世界500强及国内大中品牌的增长赋能,实现品效合一 Ylab accelerates growth for Fortune 500 brands and local brands
Ylab创始人李玉红入驻上海美国商会AmCham​ Ylab founder Yuhong Li joined AmCham Shanghai Community







李玉红成立Ylab是因为她看到,品牌在当下快速迭代的商业模式中,频频在创新、品牌打造和营销方面遭受挑战。 Ylab的目标不仅仅是打造超级品牌,更是涵盖品牌公司的整体业务模式和产品创新。 李玉红表示,随着新型数字媒体的持续流行,有效营销的核心是打造持久的平台,而不是短期的季节性活动。






AmCham Shanghai is pleased to welcome Yuhong Li, founder of new generation branding and marketing consulting company Ylab, to the Chamber community. 

Yuhong is a leading voice in Shanghai’s marketing industry, with more than 15 years of experience in branding, including as the chief strategy officer and managing director at some of the world’s top agencies. She founded Ylab in 2018 and has since built global and Chinese brand strategies and campaigns for international brands including Bayer, Colgate, Unilever, Budweiser and Nestlé.

Yuhong established Ylab in response to what she says is a rapidly evolving business model as clients face new challenges in innovation, branding and marketing. Ylab aims to go beyond simply strong branding to encompass a company’s total business model and product innovation. As new forms of digital media continue to take hold, Yuhong says a core priority for efficient marketing is crafting long-lasting platforms rather than short seasonal campaigns. 

As a marketing leader, Yuhong says it is vital to have a deep understanding and respect for the local market. She also prioritizes integrating local resources and forming strong partnerships as a way to strengthen campaigns, as well as leveraging a “pivot point” such as a key platform or cultural phenomenon that can make a brand stand out. Yuhong is most passionate about making each brand and campaign truly unique. “It’s very exciting because every time we are doing something no one has ever done before.” 
Outside of her work at Ylab, Yuhong enjoys literature and poetry. She is also an avid traveller and lists Iran as her favorite travel destination.