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Ylab为世界500强及国内大中品牌的增长赋能,实现品效合一 Ylab accelerates growth for Fortune 500 brands and local brands
Ylab创始人兼CEO李玉红受邀担任2021金狮国际广告影片奖(Golden Lion Awards)评委 Ylab founder and CEO invited to serve as the judge of 2021 Golden Lion Awards

Ylab创始人兼CEO李玉红受邀担任2021金狮国际广告影片奖(Golden Lion Awards)评委。





Ylab founder and CEO was invited to serve as the judge of 2021 Golden Lion Awards.


About Golden Lion Awards

Explore commercial value and explore the future of film and television. As an innovative and professional selection of commercial video works, the Golden Lion Awards conduct an annual review of domestic and foreign film and television advertising works published in China and the international media. The selection indicates the direction of Chinese advertising films in terms of artistry, innovation, professionalism, and commercial value, establishing industry standards in Chinas advertising film market and promoting the overall standard of advertising films in China and around the world.


Yuhongs Wishes to 2021 Golden Lion Award