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Ylab为世界500强及国内大中品牌的增长赋能,实现品效合一 Ylab accelerates growth for Fortune 500 brands and local brands
Ylab正式加入MMA CHINA中国营销创新联盟 Ylab officially joined MMA China Marketing Innovation Alliance

近日,Ylab正式加入MMA CHINA中国营销创新联盟,共同推动中国营销行业的发展,进行合作和共赢。











作为一家成立仅2年的品牌战略咨询公司,Ylab一举赢得Campaign“2020年大中华区年度最佳精品代理商”大奖;国际品牌咨询大奖Transform Awards一金二银一铜大满贯;B站2019年最佳IP跨界案例;TMA年度最具创新力公司大奖等。







Recently, Ylab has officially joined MMA China, China Marketing Innovation Alliance, to jointly promote the development of China's marketing industry for cooperation and mutual benefits.


About MMA China


MMA China was established in April 2011. It is an alliance independently initiated by members of the Chinese wireless marketing industry. It is committed to promoting the development of China's marketing industry and promoting self-discipline, cooperation, and mutual benefits of member units. Meanwhile, MMA China also formulates and promotes relevant industry standards to propel China's wireless marketing industry’s standardized development.

About Ylab


Ylab Brand Innovative Growth Lab


Our mission is to drive long-term brand innovative growth and create sustainable commercial and social value. Ylab is committed to becoming a respectable world-class brand strategy consulting company.


As a brand strategy consulting company that has only been established for two years, Ylab has won number of awards, including the campaign "Best Premium Agent of the Year in Greater China in 2020" award; one gold, two silver, and one bronze Transform Awards, the International Brand Consulting Award; Bilibili 2019 Best IP cross-border case of the year; TMA Annual Most Innovative Company Award and more.

Ylab has become the long-term brand strategy consulting agent for many Fortune Global 500 companies. Our clients include Bayer, Unilever, Budweiser, Nestlé, Colgate, GSK, and China's fast-growing pet food companies Yiyun and PureNatural.


Ylab took the lead in incorporating business strategy, brand strategy, and marketing landing, achieving both long-term brands and short-term benefits. Ylab's research center continues to conduct research on China's macro market strategy, business model innovation, and consumer psychology. The strategy department of Ylab pioneered the innovative growth methodology of "high-potential brands," realizing a full-link strategic solution from brand creation to realization to value evaluation. Our methodology empowers brands to achieve a leap from innovation to growth.


Ylab joined MMA as a fresh blood with the aim to jointly promote China's wireless marketing industry's development, timely grasp new opportunities arising from market changes, respond to changes in the post-epidemic era, embrace changes, and build the future together.